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Frosty barn

I knew we might have some good opportunity when the forecast last night was calling for rain, snow and strong wind. So this morning it looked promising and we headed to take some pictures of our local barn. I wish there were a few clouds but I still like how it turned out. It was actually very warm, I really am tired of wearing gloves all the time.
They are calling for upper 40’s all next week woohoo!

old barn

Vintage Pepsi Spirit

We decided to revisit this cool old silo that we have driven by a thousand times but never had time to stop to take a picture, yet always admired how cool this piece of old Americana looked at sunset. So tonight, we grab the cameras and jumped in the jeepĀ  just to take a picture around sunset, and it was so cold my fingers almost froze to my camera!

All in all I think it was worth the trip, the sunset was not as widespread as we hoped, but the light was still very pleasing. I took several dozen shots, but this is one of the better ones. I will try again in the future, perhaps it will look even better with dramatic rain clouds or an early sunrise. Oh, if you are wondering the sign says, “Catch That Pepsi Spirit.”

Taken with the Lumix GX7 and kit 14-42mm lens, which is surprisingly sharp and very light lens.


Old American silo with pepsi sign

Sunset at the lake

We had a surprisingly warm day yesterday for January and we took full advantage of it. Visited our local lake and snapped a few shots of a gorgeous sunset using the new Lumix GX7. The ice have melted a little and there were pools of water reflecting the warm colors of the setting sun. Of course today we have a blizzard conditions with strong wind and drifting snow. Welcome to South Dakota…

Melting ice sunset

Almost a tornado

So I decided to try my hand at time lapse photography and ordered a intervalometer on ebay to fit my camera. The day it arrives we have this scary yet awesome storm move right over our town. I had to quickly set up my camera, and since it was my first day with the new gear, I was not too sure if I set it up right or not. But the storm was moving quick and it was raining outside, so I pointed my camera out of the window and let it do its thing.

This was my first ever time lapse, and to my surprise and delight it did turn out OK, though a bit short as it became dark outside rather quickly due to the huge storm. Luckily, no tornadoes were reported but it sure looked awfully close.

Heavy storm clowds