Warm winter day

I think it hit 60 degrees today and that is rare for South Dakota winters! According to weather forecast the cold is coming back so we took a ride this evening. Luckily we have several barns right around the corner so we stopped at two. This particular barn we visited a couple of years ago during the summer and early in the morning, I remember the grass was really tall and hard to walk in.

old barn

After exploring about I came up with several compositions that I found interesting. Maybe if we get some snow on the ground again I will give it another go.

Old American barnI purposely scour the area and look for something interesting to include in the foreground, it could be things like old wagon wheels, farming equipment, interesting trees, rocks, etc.  Such objects add interest and depth to your images, so keep that in mind if you are new to photography and try to use this technique on your next outing.

Happy shooting!