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Almost a tornado

So I decided to try my hand at time lapse photography and ordered a intervalometer on ebay to fit my camera. The day it arrives we have this scary yet awesome storm move right over our town. I had to quickly set up my camera, and since it was my first day with the new gear, I was not too sure if I set it up right or not. But the storm was moving quick and it was raining outside, so I pointed my camera out of the window and let it do its thing.

This was my first ever time lapse, and to my surprise and delight it did turn out OK, though a bit short as it became dark outside rather quickly due to the huge storm. Luckily, no tornadoes were reported but it sure looked awfully close.

Heavy storm clowds


Welcome, I plan on sharing my photography work on this site, so if you like what you see, don’t forget to book mark it!

Without farther ado, lets get right to it. Here is a shot I took last year while we were visiting the Badlands National Park in my home state of South Dakota. It’s located in the western side of the state, and is a must stop if you are traveling through this area. While it may not be that big, it is very unique and will not disappoint you if you stop by. Some wildlife can also be seen such as American buffalo, bighorn sheep and plenty of prairie dogs.


Canon 60D, Darktable