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Peter and Paul fortress

This shot was taken on our trip to St. Petersburg, Russia this summer. This is the heart of the city, the “Peter and Paul fortress.” This is where the city have started and grew outwards ever since. it never served as intended since the enemy never gotten close to its walls. The Russian Imperial family is berried inside the cathedral. If you’ve never been inside the fortress, you could easily spend the entire day there with your friends or family and will not be disappointed.

Peter and Paul fortress

We wanted to take some long night shots with our Sony Nex 5N, but finding an ND (neutral density) filter was a major task. We finally found one in a photo shop near a metro. Apparently not many shops carry the 49mm size. So, keep that in mind if you’re heading that way, and bring your filters if that is something you might want to use.

The photo above is one of our test shots with the new filter. See how smooth the water is? The ND filter helps extend your exposure time, and this particular shot was a 30 sec. exposure which turned the water fairly smooth. I could have pushed it farther, to a minute or so, but I was pleased with the result.

We took 1000’s of pictures on this trip and we will be posting them here over the winter. So, stay tuned!