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Born in ST. Petersburg Russia, currently live in S. Dakota USA. Have been interested in photography since my dad gave me a range finder camera back in the ’80’s for my birthday when I was about 10 years old. Still enjoying taking pictures very much, and trying to keep an open mind about new techniques or software.

I plan on sharing what I have learned and my experiences with new cameras/software as the time permits. Thank you all in advance for stopping by!


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  1. where oh where has my sister gone? where oh can she be? with her hair of gold and her eyes of blue, oh where oh where are you?
    email me.

  2. Hello,
    Your photos are beautiful. I enjoy painting old barns in watercolor and I was wondering if I could have your permission to paint some of your pictures?

  3. Hello Vlad Debra was wanting to send you and Carol a card. May I have an address? Dean told me about your website. Some really good pics here and some very good engraving

  4. Hello Vlad,
    I would love to purchase a power hone but your contact button doesn’t populate your email so I can’t reach you. Let me know if you are still making these lovely sharpeners!

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